22 Success Story - Paysafe 33

Paysafe—a global, specialized payment platform company that provides digital wallet, payment processing, and online cash solutions—was losing its battle with manual change management processes and metadata misalignment.

Specifically, the finance team was struggling to keep its metadata hierarchies in sync, which in turn caused an increase in data integration failures, data reporting inconsistencies, and process inefficiencies.

Eventually, the Paysafe team decided to partner with leading consulting and systems integration (SI) services provider AMOSCA to explore options for increasing the company’s metadata management maturity level. Together, AMOSCA and Paysafe began looking for a metadata management and governance solution that would allow them to create consistent, accurate metadata across the organization.

The Paysafe team had very specific goals and a comprehensive list of functional and technical requirements. The AMOSCA team lent their experience and expertise with financial accounting, budgeting, and planning consolidation systems—including Oracle Hyperion applications—to help the Paysafe team evaluate their options so they could make an informed decision.

After demoing all of the solutions AMOSCA recommended, Paysafe determined that EPMware was the only technology that could hit the mark.

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How EPMware Helped Bring Paysafe’s Metadata into Alignment

EPMware’s unified solution helped Paysafe overcome its efficiency, quality, and governance challenges by delivering significant improvements to its metadata management and data governance processes and workflows.

Centralized metadata change management process

EPMware Cloud centralized Paysafe’s metadata change management and data governance processes, creating a single platform to enter change requests and a single source of truth to extract trustworthy data for reporting and analytics.

Automated production deployments based on workflow governance

EPMware’s workflow engine enables the Paysafe team to enforce governance policies that route change requests to the required stakeholders for approval and enrichment. This prevents skipped approvals and ensures metadata is standardized and rationalized before it’s deployed into production.

Enforced segregation of duties

EPMware enforces segregation of duties controls to help prevent error, fraud, and compliance issues by requiring that at least two different people are responsible for the individual parts of any task. For example, the developer of a change in dev/test cannot also implement that change in production.

Automated alignment of metadata changes

EPMware logic rules sync and align metadata changes across Paysafe’s EPM systems. For example, the finance team can utilize business rules based on functional accounting and financial planning and analysis logic to ensure a metadata change made in one application is accurately synced to all mapped applications.

Reduced metadata alignment issues and improved data quality

Paysafe improved its production metadata alignment issues using EPMware’s dimension mapping to ensure metadata was created in non-harmonized hierarchies and tied together in one request for full impact visibility.

Reducing the high instances of metadata misalignment between systems also reduced the number of data integration failures. As a direct result, Paysafe has seen a significant improvement in data quality and increased its metadata management maturity.

EPMware: One Platform to Solve Your Efficiency, Quality, and Governance Challenges

Paysafe chose EPMware’s unified metadata management and data governance platform to help the business bring its internal financial metadata management processes into alignment.

With implementation support from AMOSCA, EPMware’s out-of-the-box plug-and-play integration with Paysafe’s existing business applications, automated workflows, and real-time validation capabilities gave Paysafe the tools it needed to create an effective metadata management strategy, standardize and automate change management processes, and synchronize metadata changes across all target systems and applications.

Paysafe’s success story is an excellent reminder that the size of a brand doesn’t automatically equate to the best product for your needs. Sometimes, a less well-known solution can deliver more functionality and ROI than the industry giants.

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